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Portland, Oregon
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CEO, Digital Strategist, Web Developer and Strategic Consultant with a background in:

  • Development of web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, social media strategies for organizations and businesses.
  • Social media strategy, management, marketing, branding, e-learning / training, virtual and online course design.
  • Community management and development, blogging, bookmarking, tagging, wiki gardening and structuring.
  • Information technology, web design, portal administration, usability, metadata / SEO, print and web publications.
  • Change management, knowledge management, business process engineering / re-engineering, process mapping.
  • Theorizing and applying web 2.0 concepts, economic trends, industry research and quantitative analysis.
  • Digital content development, production, manipulation, digital photography and graphics optimization.
  • Creative thinking, ideation, technical innovation, research, analysis, problem solving and writing.
  • Presentations, workshops, lectures and boot camps with interactive mind-maps or PowerPoint.


Proficient in: WordPress, Drupal, Wikis (Media Wiki/Confluence), Blogs, Microblogs, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), Mind Mapping, iGrafx, HTML, SharePoint, MS Office XP, MS Digital Image Suite, Snagit, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Frontpage.

Familiar with: Mash ups (Composite Applications), Virtual Worlds (NVEs), Cloud Computing (SaaS), Semantic Web / RDF, Google Apps, XML, XHTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, MySQL, IMIS Database, Flash, Swish.


Job Role: Chief Digital Strategist / Web Developer / Founder

Organization: Zero Strategist

Location: Portland, Oregon

Duration: December 2010–Current


Basically everything you can imagine and more. To see everything we are working on just go to Zero Strategist.com!

Job Role: Social Media Manager

Organization: MetroStar Systems

Location: Reston, Virginia

Duration: March 2009–August 2009

Social Media Strategy and Community Management

  • Managed 3 people: marketing coordinator, social media community manager, and social media intern.
  • Conceptualization, design and creation of innovative social media campaigns.
  • Implemented holistic enterprise 2.0 / social media strategy.
  • Coached and managed employees, mentored summer intern in web 2.0 technologies, concepts, best practices, applications and use cases.
  • Advised executives on enterprise 2.0 strategy, community development, and user adoption risks.
  • Contributed firm community best practices on effective ways to engage community members.
  • Implemented higher security level standards, enforced across all social media campaigns.
  • Created metrics reports and spreadsheets to analyze progress of web campaigns.

Risk Assessment and Identification

  • Identified and mitigated branding, meme, metadata risks to social media campaigns.

Change Management

Business Process Engineering and Mapping

  • Created process maps (25 process steps) to improve social media business processes.

Blog Development and Management

  • Created company’s multi-author blog “SUPERNOVA” and migrated old single-author blogs.
  • Theme installation, customization and management (CSS, graphics, logos, RSS, web 2.0 icons).
  • Setup RSS feed, connected aggregators and integrated social media services into the blog.
  • Installed, upgraded and maintained WordPress, plugins and widgets.
  • Installed Google Analytics, Feedburner (RSS), Bit.ly (links) and tracked social media metrics.
  • Migrated old blog content as requested by users.
  • Developed categories and tags structure.
  • Managed user accounts and access.
  • Created content, contributed blog posts and links, live blogging at industry events.
  • Troubleshooting, comment approval and response.

Microblog Development and Management

  • Created, managed, and administrated company enterprise microblogging network.
  • Created, managed, and branded company twitter accounts.
  • Developed microblog engagement strategies.
  • Users contributed 500+ links on microblogging network.

Social Networking

  • Managed and modified Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace presences.
  • Posted content, managed comments, groups, wall posts, profiles, fan pages.
  • Utilized 3rd party applications to create contests.
  • Assessed usability and design.

Social Bookmarking

  • Implemented and maintained social bookmarking strategy.
  • Utilized social bookmarks to capture and to contribute significant content to the firm.
  • Users contributed 550+ social bookmarks.

Marketing and Branding

  • Provided social media subject matter expertise to create marketing materials and deliverables.
  • Multiple roles in multiple campaigns both internal & external.
  • Developed branding processes and centralized online presences.
  • Identified smart social media branding tools to improve efficiency.
  • Created community services ID spreadsheet for social media brand management.
  • Created social media and marketing library.

Teaching, Training, e-Learning

  • “Trained the trainer” mentoring and intensive social media bootcamps, curriculum co-development.
  • Conducted numerous “Social Media Lunchboxes” for open training, coaching & mentoring on a variety of social media topics (i.e. blogging, live blogging, social bookmarking).
  • Conducted on-demand social media training by creating and utilizing dynamic mind-maps to educate community members, leaders and gardeners prior to social media service deployment.
  • Trained key staff on basic computer, online identity and password security best practices.

Web Related

  • Metadata development for company website, blog and mobile gaming application community website.
  • Restructured and administered marketing SharePoint sub-portal to support internal (team) collaboration and external (client) facing initiatives.
  • Developed enterprise 2.0 portal re-design requirements.
  • Ongoing web 2.0 research for completion of tasks and campaigns.
  • Conducted web assessments and community audits.

Proposal Writing

  • Proposal writing for social media and change management.

Industry Events

  • Blog Potomac 2
  • Government 2.0 Camp
  • FOSE 2009
  • Cloud Camp Federal
  • Web 2.0 and The Federal Government
  • Twestival
  • Tweet-ups
  • Barcamps
  • Wine 4 Change Management Happy Hour

Job Role: Senior Consultant and Web 2.0 Strategist

Organization: Booz Allen Hamilton

Location: McLean, Virginia

Duration: October 2007–January 2009

  • New technology, social web advocate in the Booz Allen and Social Media communities.
  • Aided in development of the first social media change management and communications plan for internal
  • web 2.0 platform (i.e. communities, profiles, blogs, wikis, forums and bookmarks).
  • Coached, managed, mentored employees and trained summer interns in web 2.0 technologies, concepts, best practices, applications and use cases.
  • Community manager, prolific IC contributor, super-user, wiki editor (1800+ edits) and designer (wiki usability).
  • Participated in web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 summits, technology focus groups, lectures and presentations.
  • Developed and led firm’s first virtual social media course, with a potential audience of 20,000 peers, conducted and led several of the live courses until other instructors were trained.
  • Identified web 2.0 platform user adoption risks and made key recommendations to leadership to mitigate them.
  • Conducted on demand web 2.0 training by creating and utilizing dynamic mind maps to educate community members, leaders and gardeners before platform was deployed.
  • Advised principles on community development strategy initiative for unifying community members around a new firm-wide product service offering for clients.
  • Top 5 Booz Blogger since the inception of web 2.0 platform (blogging, live blogging and live photo-blogging).
  • Wrote firm community best practices on most effective ways to engage others when using the web 2.0 platform.
  • Administered 5 SharePoint portals, 6 sub-portals to support internal (team) and external (client) facing initiatives.
  • Presented client deliverables to multiple clients including RSS information flow strategy mind maps (500+ nodes) and PowerPoint presentations (100+ pages).
  • Created and delivered process maps detailing (300+ process steps) to improve business processes for clients.
  • Appointed as deputy on client change management project, interfacing directly with project leaders, work stream leads, team members and conducting multiple stakeholder interviews to gather critical organizational information.
  • Created internal change management plan in order to improve to team cohesion, communication and efficiency.
  • Co-created initial strategic organizational assessment and change readiness assessment for external client.
  • Conducted industry best practices interviews and research to develop key recommendations to external client.

Job Role: Market Analyst (Light Duty Trucks)

Organization: N.A.D.A. Analytical Services Group

Location: McLean, Virginia

Duration: December 2005–July 2007

  • Created and managed the company’s first prototype wiki (NADA Wiki Alpha) in order to retain proprietary intellectual capital and extensively document publication work processes.
  • Designed and maintained highly specialized web interfaces to strategically centralize both internal and external core workgroup tools.
  • Identified, implemented and maintained emerging social media software to increase Editorial Staff productivity and research capabilities.
  • Trained thirteen workgroup members on software and best practice methodologies to make daily work processes more efficient.
  • Assisted marketing team in the development of new product names and reports for new integrated analytical software systems (Auto Vector).
  • Represented the Guide Company at various industry and manufacturer meetings, trade-shows, new vehicle previews and auto auctions.
  • Created market reflective vehicle and accessory valuations for Used Car Guide, Older Car Guide, and Retail Consumer Guide.
  • Validated website and electronic product content.


  • HIGH5 Award – Booz Allen Hamilton 2008: “For contributions to the social networking Change Management and Communications Plan”
  • Award for Most Creative & Original IT Project – Innovations Information Technology 2004: “Plum Flowers Poem Generator (JAVA)” <http://media.gmu.edu/innovate>
  • James Buchanan Award – Nobel Laureate Economics Essay Award (for Public Choice) 2004: “A Theory on the Evolution of Drug Cartels” <http://wac.gmu.edu/news/news.html>
  • Student Service Award – Student Government Association 2001: “GMU Rant Website”
  • Chairman’s Economics Essay Award – Walter Williams 2000: “Lifeguard Labor Shortages”


University: George Mason University

Degree: B.A. Economics

Minors: Information Technology (Web Design/Programming) and English (Writing/Poetry)

Location:  Fairfax, Virginia

Graduated: August 2004