up late working on digital again

Up late working on digital again.  Been enjoying some banging coffee I picked up from Olympic Coffee Company.  Work has been really busy and I have had several big projects that have been all consuming! 

Wild red Oregon plums seeds sprouting

So excited tonight because, the wild red Oregon plums seeds we foraged at the lake this summer are totally sprouting!   This means we can plant more native Oregon plum trees in our yard this coming spring.  Next summer is bound to be even more fruitful. The simple things in life are truly the best. Things like planting a tree then watching it grow fruit.

The chickens are laying three a day now

Really gratifying that the bok boks are now laying three eggs a day! It’s a great feeling to raise the chickens from baby chicks, to full grown hens that are making great fresh protein for the family daily. Each chicken has their own personality, and own unique shape to their egg.  I like taking care of them because it gets me outside, caring for them is pretty easy with our setup.

eating a ham waffle with mustard

listening to the fireworks outside my house

Having an Awesome 4th of July

Today I am having an awesome 4th of July with the family. Been working in the garden (it has been really really hot), making Brazilian Cerrado cold brew, listening to good trap and new nordic music, grilling skirt steak and eating great quality food. The garden is making lots of sugar snap peas, a caterpillar ate our first ripe eggplant of the season (gurr) and the roses are blooming again with delicate and slightly smaller roses. The yellow pear tomatoes are ripening and starting to turn lemon yellow, the whole backyard smells like fresh tomatoes. 🙂

Busy making websites and chicken shacks

Planting Another Mulberry Tree!

Excited to be planting a second Mulberry tree. This one is going to be a white mulberry tree, the variety is Morris Beautiful Day. This type of white mulberry is supposed to produce a large quantity of mulberries in it’s 3rd or 4th year. Ours is about 2 years old and looks really hardy.

Digging a hole to plant a new tree

25 Roses In Bloom

Really happy today because our side garden has 25 roses in bloom. All of the bright pink giant roses are popping open, they look gigantic and smell like raspberry ice cream. The simple things in life are so important to stop and enjoy! So now everyday I have a great excuse to stop and smell the roses.