Presently drinking some Kenyan Lenana Peaberry coffee from B.J.’s Coffee Company

“Go forth and make awesome.” – Unknown

Right now I am pretty much in heaven because I am drinking organic nama saki and eating yummy bacon

Making Potato Chip Day A Holiday

Today the entire family unit all wanted to randomly eat potato chips! So we are making today a potato chip holiday. What does this day entail? Going to the store to find new yummy potato chips, different kinds, new brands or flavors of amazing potato chips and trying them out. Think about it potato chips even when they are expensive can make a good cheap meal or snack. I wonder what the best chip is that is made in Portland and greater Oregon? Sounds like a mission for the PDX foodies or Portland Yelpers.

“On your journey through life, make sure your biography has at least one extraordinary chapter.” – Unknown

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